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Welcome to the State of Delaware's official online checkbook. This resource will provide you with financial data related to the State's purchase of goods and services, as well as reimbursements. As you browse the online checkbook, you will be able to view payment information by state agency, expenditure category, or vendor. This data will be updated on a quarterly basis and available to you all year round with the click of a button. With Delaware's online checkbook, it's easy!

Disclaimer: The data on this website is uploaded on a quarterly basis. As this will be an ongoing process throughout the fiscal year, transactions are not audited and may contain corrected information, which may reverse or change the effect of previous entries.

This data includes Executive Branch agencies, Other Elected Official agencies, Higher Education, and School Districts.

The records displayed represent accounting system payment entries. Several of these entries may be combined in the issuance of one payment or check to a vendor. As such, it should be recognized that these transactions do not necessarily reflect individually issued checks or payments to vendors.

If you have any questions concerning the data and information on this website, please email:
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